Specializing in troubleshooting of pump, turbine, and compressor problems.

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What We Do

Zoellner Technical Services, as part of its service package, provides internal technical service support as well as providing direct on-site support for all of our customers. Vast experience, secured during our 30 plus years working with high energy rotating and reciprocating equipment OEMís, allows us to quickly identify and suggest remedies to even the most difficult to detect faults in problem mechanical systems.

On-Site Testing

Zoellner Technical Services uses the latest analytical equipment and software packages to speed the evaluation of equipment or systems that are experiencing problems as well as older machinery that is being evaluated for potential upgrades. Our systematic approach coupled with many years of experience in this field allow us to efficiently attack even the most complex design problems with celerity as well as a great deal of confidence in the suitability of our design.

Design Review

With the concern businesses have today for energy conservation as well as profitability, we find we are continuously involved in tailoring pump best efficiency points (BEPís) to better fit our users' specific operating parameters. Read more

Modal Analysis

Our unique approach to pump and pumping system modal analysis promises the fastest and most accurate evaluation available today of pump structural, rotordynamic, natural frequency and resonance related problems. Read more


Offering a broad range of services available for both centrifugal and reciprocating equipment in the area of on-site balancing, vibration analysis and pressure pulsation testing and analysis.

Read more

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