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Hydraulic Design Review

Tailoring Pump Best Efficiency Points (BEP's)
With the concern businesses have today for energy conservation as well as profitability, we find we are continuously involved in tailoring pump best efficiency points (BEPís) to better fit our users' specific operating parameters.

This can be accomplished by focusing the hydraulics of the machine on efficiency in a very narrow range, or sometimes by extending the hydraulic range of a machine to meet new or broader operating conditions. The potential energy savings and subsequent reliability improvements make this one of our most exciting and rewarding service offerings.

Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)

Fast and Accurate Evaluations
Our unique approach to pump and pumping system modal analysis promises the fastest and most accurate evaluation available today of pump structural, rotordynamic, natural frequency and resonance related problems.

EMA is also used to help validate many of our design software systems and is almost always used when preforming major pump or systems revamps.

On pumps, because of forces such as Lomakin effect, fluid mass and damping, wear ring induced stiffness and damping as well as bearing induced stiffness and damping, it is critical to gather the Modal data while the equipment is running. However, older conventional methods of gathering Modal data are not efficient in acquiring running data, especially on noisy machinery.

To solve this problem, Zoellner Technical Services has developed several advanced proprietary data gathering techniques that allow us to gather accurate, meaningful data on equipment that is online and running.

On-Site Balancing

Centrifugal and Recriprocating Equipment
Offering a broad range of services available for both centrifugal and reciprocating equipment in the area of on-site balancing, vibration analysis and pressure pulsation testing and analysis.

These services can be tailored to suit your specific needs under the most demanding of conditions.

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